Learning at the Little People’s Center

We help children live appreciatively and thoughtfully on Earth by emphasizing meaningful educational experiences for our students that builds on the emotional underpinnings of their curiosity, concerns about the everyday world, and their pleasure in exploring it. Their sense of experimentation and exploration are further developed as we introduce patriotism and pride in our community through hands on learning experiences. We revel in the fact that our students will some day be the rulers of our town, our state, our country. Their futures are bright, and we are proud that their love of education, exploration, community, world and self began at Little People’s.

We are advocates for play; play is important for socialization, problem solving and ultimately as stress relief. We encourage face-to-face engagement with other children, caring adults, and the natural world.

It is our mission to help each child maximize his/her potential in education and social areas
including social relationships, language development, learning skills, and physical abilities. 

Language Development

Children are encouraged to become emergent readers and writers through the use of developmentally appropriate language and literature. Oral language development is encouraged through the use of singing, finger plays and flannel boards. Stories are read every day; our center provides a wide, expansive library utilizing current and traditional early childhood texts. Children are invited to experiment with language in many ways; the writing of lists, signs, labels, songs, creative spelling and the taking of children’s diction.

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

Children at our center engage in a variety of activities that help them develop positive images of themselves by expressing personality and individualism, representing imagination and fantasy and through establishing enjoyable relationships with others. Ultimately, our center’s goals for personal, social, and emotional development of the children include making relationships, developing self-confidence and self-esteem, providing self-care, the importance of positive dispositions and attitudes, having self-control and positive behaviors, and a balanced sense of community.


Teachers provide the children hands-on developmentally appropriate math experiences giving children opportunities to develop math awareness and understanding. Experiencing their world and their place in it encourages them to understand that mathematics is everywhere. Our curriculum accommodates a variety of developmental levels as well as individual differences while using math language to encourage the promotion and acquisition of understanding mathematical concepts.


Our center offers a developmentally appropriate science curriculum giving children many open-ended opportunities to investigate, self-discover and problem solve, both indoors and outdoors. A wide range of observation and exploration activities involving the use of our natural environment, water, the five senses and life cycles allow the children to investigate, discover, explore and make science a part of every child’s day.

Nutrition and Health Care

We are aware that children’s eating habits vary widely. What children eat depends on the food available around them and the encouragement they receive from those around them. We encourage healthy eating and drinking habits at the center. Carefully planned policies, sound hygiene, and sanitation procedures provide the children in our care as well as those employed by the center a safe, healthy learning environment. Staff that has successfully completed the MAT training provided by NYS Office of Children and Family Services will provide care for the children for need it.